CCU Course Lists in Summer Semester of 2024

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College of Humanities College of Sciences College of Social Sciences College of Engineering College of Management College of Law College of Education Others
Graduate Institute of Chinese Literature
Graduate Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature
Graduate Institute of Taiwan Cultures
Graduate Institute of Applied Geophysics
Master Program in Disaster Response
Graduate Institute of Labors
Executive Master of Government and Public Affairs
Master Program in Strategic and National Security
Master Program of E-Learning for Cloud Computing and Internet-of-Things
Master Program of E-Learning for Information and Communications Engineering
Graduate Institute of International Economics
Graduate Institute of Finance and Banking
Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Graduate Institute of Accounting and Information Technology
Accounting and Law Master Program in e-learning courses
Graduate Institute of Information Management
Master Program in Financial Technology
Executive Master of Business Administration
Graduate Institute of Law
Graduate Institute of Economic and Finance Law
Executive Master of Laws
Graduate Institute of Adult and Continuing Education
Graduate Institute of Education
Graduate Institute of Criminology
Center for Teacher Education
Master Program of Professional Development for In-service Teachers
E-Learning Master Program of Education and School Leadership

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